After installing iMerchandise on your Apple device, you'll open it and take it for a spin. 

But first thing's first: Where are you? What event you're attending? We'll help you Create your Event and then start building your inventory.

This are the 6 easy steps:

1. Tap on the lower grey bar, with "TAP HERE TO SET THE CURRENT TRADE SHOW" text. 

2. Tap the top right + sign on the SELECT TRADE SHOW Window

3. Fill in The Trade Show Name

4. Fill in the Location

5. Complete the Start Date and the End Date of the Event you're attending. 

6. Tap DONE. After Tapping DONE, you'll see the name and date of the newly created Event, on the bottom grey bar. It means the event is created and selected and all products, images, pos and style boards will be assigned to this event.